Adding and renaming functions

Functions can be added by entering an address – this functionality is available from the context-menu on the function-list widget as well as the f hot-key. Frida will the recursively disassembler all functions directly reachable from this entry point.

To rename the currently selected function use the r Hot-key. You can also rename functions from the context-menu of the individual items in the function list (by default located on the left side).

Adding comments

You have the choice of adding “local” and “global” comments. Global comments add information intended for human observers to an address and are displayed at that address. Local comments are supposed to be meaningful only in the context of the specific function but not when the same address appears within different functions. However, local functions are not completely implemented yet. Within the text of comments, special Macros can be used.

Saving progress

Files saved by frida are standalone. They can be opened and used by frida on the same or a different computer and do not require the original binary to be available on that machine. Function names as well as the CFG are preserved, however the textual representation and the graph layout are reconstructed when opening the saved file.


r Rename currently active function
f Ask for an address and disassembles the function there